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Ahràyeph (B)


(http://www.vampirefreaks.com) Ahràyeph started out life as Crucifire in mid 1996, but changed its name around 2000 for fear of being lumped in with the metal scene. While there are some elements of the latter genre used in some instances, Ahràyeph's music uses any type of genre and style to convey emotions of the darker kind to their listeners. Their debut album, 'Marooned On Samsara', was released last May through France's D-Monic Records, which is also home to Corpus Delicti, 25Men and former Sister Of Mercy Gary Marx. Upon its release, the album was received positively by the specialized media, who in most cases told their readers to keep an eye out for the band in the future.

Ahràyeph already played some live shows with the likes of U.K's goth rockers NFD and Cure cover band Curiosity and is currently planning more live shows for 2009. A follow up album is already in the works as well, so 2009 will be a breakthrough year for the band.