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Violet Tears (I)


(last.fm) Violet Tears rose in 1998 from the ashes of three different dark music groups in the Bari area. The group’s members got together and clicked immediately. Right away, the group’s six members bonded with that ‘feeling’ so necessary to good music and started working together, concentrating their efforts on a specific project. That is how Violet Tears was founded. After some serious, full-immersion jamming in the rehearsal room, the band immediately got some gigs and started making a name for itself with fans of dark music and others. Ticket sales rose steadily (there were 250 fans at the Halloween 2000 concert in Bari, Italy) and audience interest in this new group grew sharply, which is interesting, considering that the Violet Tears sound is non commercial, isn’t dance music and can’t be summed up in one of those cliché descriptions that seem to be so common. After two years of jamming together, doing gigs together – even getting into trouble together – Violet Tears decided to create and then record what is now called “Fragments of Broken Dreams”, a debut mcd made up of six songs, beautifully recorded in Bari by a master, Nicola Lonigro. For the second time the mcd was produced by the Italian label Anaemic Waves Factory ( www.awf.it ) in a limited edition of 100 copies only.