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Svartsinn (N)



Svartsinn (Jan Roger Pettersen) is an artist from Trondheim, Norway. He creates music of the dark ambient nature and has since 1999. Over the years Svartsinn has made five full albums. The debut was released via Eibon Records in Italy and then three following ones via Cyclic Law in Canada and a split release with Northaunt via Loki/PAS in 2014. His recordings also appear in several compilations, movies, documentaries, and theatre plays. In addition to recordings, Svartsinn has often performed live.

Svartsinn emerged from the yearning to create sad & dark atmospheric soundscapes that could satisfy the sombre chambers of every soul, to create moods and states of mind for everyone. It is the challenging journey to find dark atmospheres and moods through sad & dark soundscapes.

A journey into a world where darkness is all and nothing. It can be emotions, a mind struggle or the imagination taking a journey to a vast land of tall desolate mountains with caves and thick, dark forests shielding us from the light of day. In short, the darkness is all around us or inside each and everyone of us. It’s not the fear of it, it’s merely where we want to be, prosper in darkness…

Svart = Black
Sinn = Mind

The word is the description of a dark state of mind.


Svartsinn ist das Dark-Ambient-Musikprojekt von Jan Roger Pettersen aus Trondheim, Norwegen, das 1999 gegründet wurde. Bisher wurden vier Alben veröffentlicht, davon das Debüt „Devouring Consciousness“ unter dem Label Eibon Records und die folgenden drei Alben unter Cyclic Law.

Svartsinn tritt auf mehreren Compilations, in Filmen, Dokumentationen und Theaterstücken sowie auf Live-Auftritten in Erscheinung.