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45 Grave (USA)


(en.wikipedia.org) 45 Grave are an American gothic and punk rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1979. The original group broke up in 1985 but vocalist Dinah Cancer subsequently revived the band. 45 Grave are noted as one of the first bands to mix punk rock with horror-themed lyrics, thereby positioning them as progenitors of the horror punk subgenre. Their unique appearance and morbid theatricality also distinguished them as innovators of goth rock as well as "deathrock," a term used to identify a subgenre of punk rock incorporating horror elements and spooky atmospherics.

In 2004, 45 Grave reformed to commemorate their 25th anniversary, with Dinah Cancer being the single remaining member from previous incarnations. Dinah Cancer posted on her MySpace blog, "I'm building this to keep the spirit of 45 Grave alive, introduce its magic to new fans, and as a personal commemorative of my best memories being the driving force and front person of 45 Grave. This is a part of my life that indeed changed me forever." One of the touring members involved in this lineup was Rikk Agnew, formerly of Christian Death.

(lastfm.de) 45 Grave ist eine amerikanische Punk-Rock-Band aus Los Angeles, die 1979 in California gegründet wurde. Die ursprüngliche Gruppe löste sich im Jahre 1985 auf, aber Sängerin Dinah Cancer gründete/formatierte die Band im Jahre 1988 erneut. 45 Grave gilt als eine der ersten Bands, die Punk-Rock mit Horror Thematik/Texten mischte.