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Andrew King (GB)


(facebook) Emblematic Artist, Archivist, Singer and Arranger of Traditional Songs.


Andrew King has been part of the London post-industrial scene since the early 1990’s, initially as a visual artist and expert in traditional song but later (from 1996) as a recording artist in his own right. Since then he has issued ten albums and appeared on over twenty compilations.

Although his first album “The Bitter Harvest” was issued by World Serpent in 1998, his breakthrough release was “The Amfortas Wound” (issued by the French label Athanor in 2003) a cathartic collection of murder ballads and mystical anthems. Subsequent releases have included a mini-album on the Italian label Old Europa Café – “The Harbinger of the Decaying Mind” (2004), split CD's with the bands Changes (2005), and Sol Invictus (2006), and collaborative work with Les Sentiers Conflictuels (the album “1888” also on Athanor, 2006), Brown Sierra (the album “Thalassocracy” on Epiphany, 2008), Àrnica (2009) and KnifeLadder (various times), whilst for his 2006 performance in Portland (Oregon) he was privileged to have Waldteufel as his band.

He has also performed live as a member of KnifeLadder Sound System, Sol Invictus, The Triple Tree and Duo Noir, being co-composer of The Triple Tree’s classic M. R. James inspired album “Ghosts” (Cold Spring, 2008) and Duo Noir’s live album “Sintra” (Tursa, 2010). Along with a further release with Brown Sierra – “The Kraken”, issued last year as a 12” on the US label Dais, 2010 also saw the issuing of his recording of the Minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein's “Fröleichen So Well Wir” on a split 7” with Blood Axis on Storm Records.

His visual art practice has continued with two American Exhibitions, 2005's “How to Placate Spirits: Alchemical and Emblematic Paintings” at Germ Books + Gallery, L.L.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and 2006's “False True Lovers”, at CounterMedia, Portland, Oregon, which was organised, hosted and curated by Hex Magazine. A limited edition hardback book of his visual work, “Emblematic Paintings” was printed by the French publisher Timeless in 2011.

His most recent solo album: Deus Ignotus, a dark and complex selection of traditional, medieval and own compositions took 9 years to record and was issued in 2011. It has received glowing reviews.