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Sigillum S (I)


(en.wikipedia.org) Eraldo Bernocchi (born c. 1963) is an Italian musician, producer and sound designer.

The project Sigillum S was created on 23 December 1985. It has had, since the beginning, the aim to be totally against the logic of the "band". It was conceived as an open structure in which people could work and research different subjects.

Formed by Eraldo Bernocchi (guitars, electronic treatments, voice, and programmation) Paolo Bandera (electronic treatments, bass, and voice) and Luca Di Giorgio (keyboards), the project has always been a double faced creature, mixing together on the same level precise ritual and ethnic aspects with a noisy music.

Since the beginning, Sigillum S had as path to be followed the knowledge and the total war against any kind of limit or taboo, refusing any kind of relationship with political/religious structures. During the first 10 years they toured quite extensively through all Europe and Canada, taking on stage a multimedia attack based on videos, slides and artworks used as a part of the stage.

Having pared down along the way to consist of only Eraldo and Paolo as core members, they collaborated with different groups in different situations, like: Ain Soph, The Sodality, Gerstein, Iugula-Thor, Dive, Outoff Body Experience, the sculptor Milo Sacchi, the multimedia/artist PM.Koma and many others.

After a slew of releases through their first 15 years, they released the album Abstraction on Daft Records. This proved to be their last release for a number of years. In 2007, Verba Corrige announced the completion of 23|20, a celebration of the history of Sigillum S. The release was done in two different formats (Digipak CD and gatefold vinyl) featuring different track lists and sequences for each. The release featured all new material and collaborations with artists such as Toshinori Kondo, Bill Laswell, SH Fernando/WordSound, Prof. Shehab/Baboon Records, Martino Nicoletti, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, the band Zu, Xabier Iriondo, Ephel Duath, various members of Crisis, Mark Solotroff, Thomas Fehlmann, Gudrun Gut, Andrea Marutti, Claudio Agostoni, and many others.

Since the release of 23|20 Sigillum S has continued to perform live, welcoming Luca Di Giorgio back into the fold and adding Petulia Mattioli as a fourth member. Much of their back catalog is now available through Bandcamp with new recordings and archival material forthcoming, both in physical and digital mediums.

(de.wikipedia.org) Sigillum S ist ein experimentelles Musikprojekt aus Italien. Der Stil ist dem Post-Industrial, dabei vor allem dem Ritual zuzurechnen.

Die Musik von Sigillum S bestand zu Beginn aus sehr düsteren Noise-Strukturen gemischt mit verschiedenen Einflüssen aus dem Ritual. Daneben fanden Klänge aus der Ethnomusik und die flächigen Strukturen des Dark Ambient Verwendung. Typisch für Sigillum S ist der Einsatz einer Vielzahl von Instrumenten: Neben Gitarre, Bass und Keyboards sind dies auch Sampler, ethnische Musikinstrumente, Kurzwellengeneratoren oder ein Gitarrensynthesizer. In den jüngeren Veröffentlichungen wurde der Klang dann unter dem Einfluss von Techno deutlich rhythmischer, teilweise sogar tanzbar.

Inhaltlich lehnt Sigillum S jede Art von Tabu ab und setzt sich oft mit politischen, religiösen und philosophischen Aspekten und Strukturen auseinander. Der Klang soll dabei vor allem dazu dienen, die „verbotenen Bereiche des Unterbewusstseins zu entdecken“.[3] Bei der Gestaltung der Tonträger wurden gerne okkultistische Symbole und Zeichen verwendet. Eine andere Gestaltungsvariante sind morbide Abbildungen von Leichen, Totenschädeln etc.