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Loell Duinn (HR)



Loell Duinn (lo-el d^in), as such, was born in spring of 2003 as a result of various musical projects dating from 1995., taking many forms as the times were changing and events took their places.

Founded by Alen Zarifović and Olja Frolo, Loell Duinn began to perform as a duo consisting in two vocals, classical and acoustic guitars. Soon enough we were hosting different musicians, excellent in their performance, but unprepared for this kind of musical journey.

Journey through time and new experiences continues with joining of two new members: experienced and talented musicians and extraordinary persons Goran Brezac and Patrik Šćira with whom Loell Duinn becomes a full and stable project and performs at the world's biggest alternative music festival "Wave Gothik Treffen" (Leipzig, Germany, 2010.)

Looking for acoustic nuances in the sound, the band welcomes a quality musician, flutist Ivona Kiršić and with this line up Loell Duinn performs at the biggest Eastern European alternative music festival "Dark bombastic Evening" (Alba Iulia, Romania, 2011.) and releases its first album "Retrospective 2003 -2008 " for OSA MEDIA (Labin, Istria, Croatia) and distributes it internationally by German distributor QUARTIER 23.

The sound and the potential of the group is enriched with two new members: Marino Matošić and Saša Bošković with whom Loell Duinn becomes a "rich" septet and, as such, continues to perform at many concert venues like Europe's biggest Medieval-Fantasy Fest "CastleFest" (Lisse, Netherlands, 2012.).

Until now we have composed some fusion of Arabic, Spanish, Balkan and local sounds using different languages, such as English, Croatian, Swedish, local dialects and invented languages.
All the songs are composed as vocal-instrument parts that are tending to mellow, melancholic melodies connecting ethnic/folk elements with norms of classical music through historical vision of medieval, renaissance and baroque music in a modern performance.