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The Woken Trees (DK)


(last.fm) “The raw, industrial post-punk of The Woken Trees is a captivating blend of chemistry and power. This six-headed beast produce a throbbing and obliterating, wall-of-sound energy that evokes the imagery of ancient giants, rising from their slumber in an age of hungry chaos and noise”

The Woken Trees was formed in 2010. The band members, however, have known each other since their early teens as they all grew up together in a community around the desolate village, Tversted, in the north of Denmark. The vast majority of the band have been playing together since 2004 where they set up a small studio in an old hay loft and started from scratch, teaching each other to play music. For a long range of years it was all just about the good times and the friendship and the process of revealing their musical identity and mastering their craft.

In 2010 the closely-knitted group welcomed a 6th member, Mathias Riis on keys. And what was now a 6-piece moved to Sealand where they overtook an abandoned, trashed-out villa outside Copenhagen. The idyllic hayloft at the farm got replaced by a moist and biting cold cellar. At this point their music began to change dramatically into something much more noisy, more dark. In November 2010 they had a reallys strong idea of what their debut album was going to be like and they named themselves The Woken Trees.

The album “NNON” was written in 2011/2012 and recorded by the end of 1st half of 2012. The band initially signed with the now closed-down label, Pad & Pen Records on which the single ”Yells B/W Holy Water” was released in October. After several postponements, the album finally came out on March 11, 2013 via the band’s present label, Fuzz Club Records.