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Gnomonclast (USA)


(facebook) Horology does not represent actual time, but it does define the mechanism by which seconds are artificially created and counted. Language, similarly, is incapable of perfectly referencing reality, but it does adequately reveal its own application and utility. Every system describes its own design. We understand that language, versus empathy or intimacy, is a behavior, but we also recognize that it is a tool. It is a tool which, in conjunction with time ("time," in its artificial dress: consisting of horology and calendars), is capable of making additional tools. It is the meta tool by which a counterfeit reality was cartographically juxtaposed over the original world well enough to create, therein, a means to seriously damage, if not destroy, the original.

The end has been objectified. Time is becoming an object which can be understood in its entirety. The past is less inscrutable and the future is not without limit. Nothing any longer is beyond our reach. Time has always appeared as an arc in the process of being drawn. Of course, time is merely a subjective neurological illusion, and the means we have implemented to record our experience of time is inaccurate and fails to reference time itself. If you dismantle all the clocks and burn every calendar, you may not immediately discern actual time, but you will understand what time isn't. Like wise with all truth. The process begins with the rejection of lies. Truth is not subject to opinion. It needs no theory, or reference, it is self evident assuming nothing exists to occlude our witness of it.