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Antimatter (GB)


(en.wikipedia.org) Antimatter, a UK melancholic rock band, is the project of longtime member Mick Moss. The project was formed in 1997 by Duncan Patterson (former bassist/songwriter of Anathema) and Moss. The pair released three albums together - Saviour, Lights Out and Planetary Confinement. Shortly after the completion of Planetary Confinement, Patterson left to start another band called Íon. Moss continued and released the project’s fourth album, Leaving Eden, following with 2009’s Live@An Club, released on his own label Music In Stone. Most recently Moss has overseen a 10 year retrospective multi-disc release entitled ‘Alternative Matter’, and released the 5th Antimatter album, 'Fear Of A Unique Identity', in 2012.

The earlier Antimatter albums, Saviour and Lights Out, focused on melodic vocal lines (often by guest female vocalists), dark electronica and balanced on the borderline between gothic and trip hop. Planetary Confinement marked the start of a shift towards more of an acoustic based melancholic rock sound. Leaving Eden, with Mick Moss as the only songwriter and singer, continues in this direction and also gives electric guitars a more prominent role. The result is a heavier sounding album, with little trace of the ambient sound of early Antimatter. Recent album Fear Of A Unique Identity presents a more layered, energetic picture, mixing all of Antimatter's past textures with a New Wave feel.

(de.wikipedia.org) Antimatter wurde von Mick Moss und dem ehemaligen Anathema-Mitglied Duncan Patterson 1998 in England gegründet. Ihre Musik ist zwischen Alternative Rock und Dark Rock anzusiedeln. Die Band selbst beschreibt sich als „traurigste Band der Welt“.

1999 wurden die erste Demoarbeiten aufgenommen. Darauf folgte das erste Studioalbum Savior (2002) und kurz darauf Lights Out (2003). Während sich die früheren Werke der Band zwischen Trip Hop und Lounge-Musik bewegen, erinnern Planetary Confinement (2005) und Leaving Eden (2007) eher an Dark Rock.

Gründungsmitglied Duncan Patterson verließ kurz nach Planetary Confinement die Band. Leaving Eden, nur noch von Mick Moss verfasst, wurde von der Presse hoch gelobt und von den Musikmagazinen Zillo und Metal Shock jeweils zum Album des Monats gekürt.