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Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls (AUS)


(facebook) Introducing Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls
The Zombie Ghost Train rattles on…

For the past five years, Sydney band Zombie Ghost Train have been the trailblazers of the psychobilly scene in Australia. As well as being favourites at home, their onstage antics, ghoulish makeup and goth-rock charm have propelled them onto the global music scene.

During this time, they have morphed, experimented, expanded…and picked up a few strays along the way. Enter stage left, Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls.

Band front man Reckless describes the new band as “an expansion of Zombie Ghost Train…a mix of psychobilly, rockabilly, and good ole assize rock ‘n’ roll with swing and hints of old school metal. There are also some twisted folk themes and plenty of oozing swamp stomp beats”. Their influences include Batmobile, Mad Sin, ACDC and Rocket From The Crypt to name a few.

The band consists of the original Zombie Ghost Train members Reckless (Guitar/Vox) and drummer Azzy T, leading .. Charlie Greaser.. on Bass and four lost souls on trombones to create a truly eclectic psychobilly sound.