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Seasurfer (D)


(lastfm.de) “You fuckin’ sound like a cool shoegazer band, great!” These were the words of a barkeeper of a club in Hamburg when Dirk was checking sound with his dreampop-band, Dark Orange, last year. But it was not Dark Orange, only a noisy sound check. It was the moment he knew that he has to do what was inside for so many years: doing a band with these noisy sounding orgies that pumps you full of adrenaline and spread out emotions! Seasurfer is a band based in Hamburg and Berlin…and sometimes you can feel and smell the sound of a port city with a high and low tide and also from this crazy, never sleeping Berlin.

Band founder, Dirk, has grown up with bands like the Ramones and playing in punk bands himself. He started Dark Orange at the end of the 80’s on the heavenly voices German label, Hyperium. Over the years, he worked with artists like Robin Guthrie and and Also The Trees. He also released in an ambient, guitars and piano only project, titled Löwenritter, with Harald Löwy from Chandeen/Kalinkaland-Records.

Singer, Dorian, from Berlin-Kreuzberg grew up with Joan Baez and is singing in guitar- & elektrobands. Today, she is the singer of a Berlin electro-act, Dear Strange, but because she is also a victim of guitars, she joined Dirk to surf away.

Mikel, on bass guitar, is an old friend of Dorian. He has been with her on several projects, and he is also a theater musician and actor today. He now lives in the south of Germany, in Bayreuth. Despite his new home, he never lost contact with his birth city, Hamburg, and to the sound of the great cities. Now, he is surfing with us.

(http://www.blackfield-festival.de/2015/seasurfer.html) Seasurfer machen einen Sound, wie er aus Deutschland lange nicht mehr zu hören war. Bester Gitarrenshoegaze in der Tradition von Bands wie My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive oder auch den Cocteau Twins. Kein Wunder, hat doch Seasurfer-Mastermind Dirk Knight mit seiner alten Band "Dark Orange" bereits mit Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) zusammengearbeitet.

Sie selbst bezeichnen ihren Sound als DreamPunk, ein Mix aus Dreampop und Postpunk. Seasurfer haben sich mit ihrem Debutalbum "dive in" sofort in die Herzen der Shoegaze-Noisepop-Fangemeinde gespielt. Der Release auf dem US-Szenelabel "Saint Marie Records" hat der Band insbesondere in den USA, Asien und UK schon jetzt Kultstatus verschafft.

Das weitere Line-up der Band kann sich sehen lassen: Julia Beyer (Chandeen), Volker Zacharias (Girls Under Glass & Cassandra Complex), Jojo Brandt und Rod Kaufmann (The Convent).

Seasurfer werden 2015 erstmalig live spielen…die Effektpedals werden glühen und uns einen fetten Wall of Sound um die Ohren blasen!