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Kingdom of Heaven (USA)


(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikolas_Schreck#Kingdom_of_Heaven) In 2012, Nikolas Schreck (vocalist/lyricist) and James Collord (bassist/multi-instrumentalist) founded their musical collaboration Kingdom of Heaven (KOH) whose songs In Dreamland and Midnight in Cairo were premiered on a Nightwatch Radio interview in November 2013.

Kingdom of Heaven's first single The Ballad of Lurleen Tyler was made available via iTunes in December 2013, followed in March 2014 by a video for the song on the Kingdom of Heaven YouTube channel.

In May 2014, Nikolas Schreck was interviewed on the Green Tea Berlin radio program broadcast by Alex Radio and 88.4 Berlin which featured the European radio premiere of Kingdom of Heaven's song Enemy on Both Sides, which Schreck introduced as the theme to a non-existent James Bond movie

In March 2015, Schreck's Facebook page announced that Kingdom of Heaven will perform a concert at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen music festival in Leipzig Germany on May 22, 2015.