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Larva (E)


(official homepage) The project was born on 1998, by the hand of InqUesT and Blackend with the name ‘Morbid Mind’.

With experimenter feel and focused towards electro-industrial sounds; they self-produce some tapes that are distributed by his circle of friendship, without major impact.

On the year 2003, this time in solitary and with renewed forces, InqUesT gives a new course to the project, changing his name to 'Larva'. Due to the technical, social and ideological changes in the band.

Now more involved in social topics and with a more powerful sound; more noises and hardness, without losing an apex of his darkness.

On April of 2011 Larva launches under the label Danse Macabre Records their work called ‘Und sie aßen sich selbst’. With this work Larva enters on the GEWC german charts.

In June of the same year, the band re-edits as a limited edition the remastered and reworked version of their two first CD’s (‘Diogenes Syndrome’ and ‘Autosectarismo’ on CDBOX format under the label Mutant-e Records.

After that the third USA/Mexico tour start. And again 22 days of great live shows came.

Now Larva is preparing the next CD ‘Broken hopes of a wasted youth’ that will be out under Advoxya Records, as a limited special box.