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Diorama (D)



Diorama is a German electropop band. The name of the band is a metaphor which represents their notion of music as an artistic form of expression. Diorama is known for their sophisticated lyrics, beautiful metaphors and multilayered meanings. Each album has its own concept and creates special world.


Diorama was founded in 1996 as a musical project of Torben Wendt. Torben’s music was soon recognized by Adrian Hates of Diary of Dreams, so with his support and the support of Rainer Assmann (Daf/ Fad Gadget), a debut-album “Pale” was released in 1999. It was received very well both by the critics and the audience.

In 2000, Torben’s friend Felix Marc joined Diorama as a keyboard player, co-producer and backing vocalist. The second album “Her Liquid Arms” was released in April 2001. Despite its stronger rhythms and more forceful electronic sounds, the music preserved its distinctive atmosphere, established with the first album. The song “Advance” became one of the leading club hits and the band was becoming increasingly popular. The second album was followed by club-oriented single “Device” (December, 2001).

Bassist Bernard Le Sigue joined the band the following year, and together with Torben and Felix saw the release of the third album, named “The Art of Creating Confusing Spirits”, the album was released in October 2002. During November and December of the same year, Diorama supported Diary of Dreams on tour.

After a long break and another addition to the band’s line-up (guitar player Sash Fiddler joining in 2003), the long-awaited fourth album "Amaroid" was released in April 2005. For the promotion of the new album, the band joined VNV Nation, on their “Formation” tour. In October 2005, Diorama released two more albums: A re-release of their first album “Pale”, with three new songs (“Don’t Be There”, “You and Ice” and “Crop of Illusions”); and “Re-Pale” – a collection of new versions of earlier songs, remixes and some previously unreleased songs. At the same time, the band went on their first headline tour throughout Germany.

At the end of 2006, Bernard Le Sigue left the band. On 23 February 2007, a new single was released: “Synthesize Me”, a prelude for the next album, which was released 4 weeks later. “A Different Life” can be characterized as a criticism of the society ruled by artificial, deviant system of values. With his lyrics, Torben portrayed the revolt of the individual against the imposed principles and general degradation of true values and virtues.

"Cubed" is their seventh studio album (released on 19 March 2010). The figurative picture of a cube is the guiding theme of the album - a confined area serving as a living space be it as a stage, as a prison or as a shelter. This concept consequently features throughout the band's artwork and stage setting. This album climbed in German Alternative Charts (DAC of week 16/2010) to the top position.

The members of Diorama have collaborated with a number of bands, including Diary of Dreams, Angels & Agony, Painbastard, Klangstabil and Frozen Plasma.


Diorama are often labeled as "EBM", “Electro-Pop”, “Future Pop” or “Darkwave” (on their debut "Pale") etc. The melodies can be fast-paced and backed by rhythms and can be melancholic ballads. The diapason of the lyrics’ motifs takes inspiration from the inner world of the writer himself (Torben Wendt) and also his surroundings. The lyrics are written in a dark, kafkian style and are often ambiguous. Distinctive playing with words and metaphors is one of the prominent virtues of Diorama’s artistic opus.


Diorama ist ein deutsches Musikprojekt mit überwiegend englischen Texten. Das musikalische Spektrum reicht von balladesken Klavierstücken bis hin zu Electro Pop.


Diorama wurde 1996 von Torben Wendt gegründet, der eine 13-jährige klassische Klavierausbildung absolviert hat und dessen weiterer musikalischer Hintergrund zudem in Punk und Trance lag.

Nach Veröffentlichung der Demoaufnahme Leaving Hollywood bekundete das Label Accession Records Interesse und Adrian Hates (Diary of Dreams), konnte als Produzent für das Debütalbum Pale gewonnen werden, das 1999 veröffentlicht wurde. 2000 ging Diorama als Vorgruppe von Diary of Dreams auf Tour und Wendt beschränkte sich darauf, die Stücke ausschließlich am Klavier zu begleiten. Im darauffolgenden Jahr wurde das Album her liquid arms veröffentlicht, welches sich durch die elektronische Ausrichtung deutlich vom ersten Album unterschied. Das Album erreichte die Top Ten der Deutschen Alternative Charts; Felix Marc stieß als Co-Produzent und Sänger zur Band.

Als erste Zusammenarbeit mit dem Bassisten Bernhard le Sigue entstand 2002 das Album the art of creating confusing spirits. Am Jahresende ging die Band erneut mit Diary of Dreams auf Deutschland- und Europa-Tournee. 2003 stieß mit Sascha Judt („Sash Fiddler“), der in früheren Zeiten mit Bernard le Sigue gearbeitet hatte, ein viertes Mitglied zur Band.

Im April 2005 veröffentlichten Diorama das vierte Album amaroid und wenige Monate später repale, eine Compilation diverser Remixe aus früheren Alben als auch bis dato unveröffentlichten Lieder. Im Oktober 2006 gab die Band den Ausstieg von Bernard le Sigue bekannt; Gründe wurden nicht genannt.

Nach einigen Remixarbeiten, z. B. für daVOS (What I prefer) oder Frozen Plasma (Hypocrite), einem Samplerbeitrag zum Accession Records – Sampler Vol. 3 (The pulse of life) sowie einer Zusammenarbeit mit 'Painbastard (Torn), veröffentlichte die Band 2007 das Album a different life. Es folgten die Alben Cubed (2010), Even the Devil Doesn't Care (2013) und Zero Soldier Army (2016). Im selben Jahr feierte die Band ihr 20-jähriges Jubiläum.

In den 20 Jahren Bandgeschichte spielte Diorama über 200 Live Konzerte in über 20 Ländern.