Legion (GB)


(official homepage) Legion make music that you might describe as dark, danceable rock, but it would be more accurate and probably a bit easier just too call it Goth. They make their own brand of music which, despite drawing heavily from their post-punk and gothic influences, is still well and truly their own. They acknowledge a genre which is stunted by both media misconceptions and ludicrous internal protocols yet try to redefine it in accordance with their own agenda. Carry on reading for the story thus far...

Of The Beginning

The idea of Legion was dreamed up in 2007 by Robert Maisey and Charles Shelley in their Hampshire hometown, alongside friend Daisy Dixon. Like so many bands before them, Legion was born of a deep seated love of the music that they’d shared their teenage years with. One drum machine later the first songs were being written and the idea became a reality. Despite this it wasn’t until Maisey and Shelley’s migration north to the City Of Leeds (that would fast become their home, and heart, land) that Legion was really brought to life.