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L.E.A.F. (NL)


(facebook) The Dutch Folkband L.E.A.F makes ‘Nordic Paganfolk’ on historical instruments, using ancient texts and traditonal folksongs to enchant their audience.

L.E.A.F consists of frontwoman Kati Ran (known from the German band FOLK NOIR with member of FAUN), the phenomonal and gorgiously wild violinist Nilla Flowerface, virtuose guitarist Philip Xander (former OMNIA member), Harpist Chloe Bakker and Maryn Sies on drums and percussion.

L.E.A.F plays on historical folk instruments, such as the Swedish Nyckelharpa, Celtic Harp, Hammered dulcimer, Acoustic guitar and irish bouzouki, powerful Fiddle, Kraviklyra, overtone flutes, shamanic drums and more…

L.E.A.F brings Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish folksongs and ancient Sami Rites back to life during a intense live concert. The combination of warm traditional folkmelodies, ritual and poetic texts with multi layered vocals and powerful shamanistic influences makes LEAF a well loved, new Paganfolk band of this moment, in which their Nordic musical influence creates a new subgenre with the known Paganfolk scene.