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Les Jumeaux Discordants (I)


(official homepage) Les Jumeaux Discordants is a project born in 2005 by the union of ROBERTO DEL VECCHIO’s music and AIMAPROJECT. Roberto Del Vecchio (The Last Hour / ex-Gothica) is a composer since 1994; Aimaproject is a project born in 1996 and it works in various expressive fields: poetry, photography, music and multimedia. Aimaproject comes from neofolk and she works with many musical projects.

Les Jumeaux Discordants presupposes a strong interaction between poetry, image and music. There’s even a bent for the cinematographic transposition of the visionary poems, about the various range of human feelings. Nevertheless, Les Jumeaux Discordants is ascension, it is the coscience of earthly, a coscience which is turned to the overcoming of the human miseries, made by the unique instruments which are still free: mind and spirit.