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Metal Cambra (E)


(official homepage) Metal Cambra is not another “Celtic rock” band. It’s a project that from the beginning amied to find a very elaborated and innovative style in which the electric violin has freedom to fuse techniques of classical music, with the essence of Mediterranean and Atlantic folk, and all this held by a powerful hard rock base.

The band formed in late 2008 and a few months later he published their first studio project “Metal Eire Overture”, a 15-minute work divided into three moviments.

In 2010 Metal Cambra release its first album “Suite”, which reflects and reinforces the idea of a full instrumental fusion, this first album helped to set the sonic textures that define Metal Cambra’s music. With “Suite”, the band was selected for the Tour 2010 inside the Youth Creation awards given by Injuve (Spanish Ministry of Equality). That allowed Metal Cambra to perform in festivals like the “Folk Segovia”, “FIS Badajoz” or the special concert at Círculo de Bellas Artes during the “Noche en Blanco” in Madrid.

In 2011 the band published “Concertual”, a work divided into four interrelated moviments (Panthalassa, Vents Alisis, Nao and Caribdis) where the music is developed around the concept of the sea. Concertual is a sound trip marked by folk melodies and orchestral motifs, powered by an overwhelming metal base, continuing with the path marked by the previous releases. The result is a very surprising and cohesive album from the beginning to the end, which shows the unstoppable evolution of this Young but experienced band. Later that same year, the band made their first international concerts in collaboration with the Consulate of Spain in Jerusalem, the Spanish Embassy in Denmark and the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development), The concerts took place in Taybeh (Palestine) and Copenhagen (Denmark, inside the 2 day festival “Black Christmas”).

In 2012, with his album “Concertual”, were finalists in the Independent Music Awards of Spain in the category of best metal album of 2011. Last year he published "Metal Cambra", a compilation album with all their music.

They are currently working on their third album. Soon there will be news!