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Mignon (D)


(myspace) Catchy lyrics accompanied by electro groovebox, heavy metal guitar, live drums and a highpitched rockbitch upfront. Mignons lyrics are as domineering as they are playful, straight from the tongue of a sex kitten that isnt afraid to get her claws out and paws dirty. Demonic beats and slithering synthesisers crawl at her feet as she consumes and projects all the musics hellish glory. Mignon the merciless never leaves a boast unwarranted; youll know this if you have ever caught one of her live performances. She will however, leave you enslaved by her metallic, satanic, rap trapping electro-voodoo Mignon..s live show, rocking and shocking, erupts with a violent combination of face-paint and smoke-bombs. Nurses and Military ensembles, fake knives and Freddy Kruger-esque gloves all get their turn. Its almost as if Rob Zombie had raised her from the dead and sent one too many bolts of electricity to the brain. As Mignon heightens the pace, her heels flying far off the floor she performs with gratification and that alone compels you to dance like the devil...."