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Ultranoire (H)


(official homepage) We define our music style as electro-noire. However, inspired by many other musical styles and artists we like to include other styles, unique sound samples and textures when creating our music. Whilst keeping true to our electro-noire roots and Ultranoire’s recognisable sound.

Our band has two members, Josef Stapel (singer/songwriter) and Szilard Kun (musician, keyboardist). Our collaboration started in 2011 when we originally formed the band as the Voyagers whilst living in two different countries.

Josef moved from Germany to Hungary in 2013 when we started an intensive work program in readiness for creating, releasing and performing new material. We released our debut EP ‘Monochrome’ at the end of December 2014 and at the same time changed our band name to Ultranoire for legal reasons.

In April 2015 we released our second EP of four new songs ‘Individual’ evolving the ‘Monochrome’ style and creating a back catalogue for live performances.

Both EP’s have received much critical acclaim and without any strong marketing strategy have become very successful and regular features on alternative and digital radio worldwide. We made a mini tour with 10 stations in Hungary, Austria and Germany.

On 17 of December our debut album Disclosure is released by ScenAir Records. The album includes six songs from our first and second EPs, an instrumental interlude and another four brand new tracks which never have been aired or re- leased before. So far ‘Disclosure’ became the 9th on Poponaut’s sales rank, 7th place on GEWC (German Electronic WebCharts), and is being played on many alternative radios.

We are working on our second album in the UK and Hungary ready for release 2016. Of course we plan some live gigs during the year with a new setlist, new staging and visual media by the Berliner visual artist Susi Sie.

Ultranoire sind Josef Stapel (lead singer und songwriter) und Szilard Kun (electronics). Seit dem 25.12.2014 nennt sich die ungarische Band nun so. 2011 starteten sie ihre musikalische Zusammenarbeit unter einem anderem Namen – damals noch mit Peter Lipovics zusammen, der dann aber nach einiger Zeit eigene musikalische Wege ging. Bisher haben Ultranoite zwei EPs herausgebrach: Monochrome (VÖ: 27.12.2014) und Individual (VÖ: 12.04.2015). Josef Stapel hat nun in einem Interview einige sehr interesante Dinge über Ultranoire preis gegegeben und mir gerne Rede und Antwort gestanden. [...]