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Valhall (S)


(facebook) The project V▲LH▲LL was initiated early 2012 as a creative outlet for this male/female duo. They decided to keep the project and not the people in focus and keep their identities unrevealed. V▲LH▲LL mixes genres but has a focus on Witch House, Neofolk and Dark Electronic.

Various original tracks and remixes were released online at Soundcloud and Youtube during the first half of 2012.

On July 25 2012 the EP “Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ”, a split by V▲LH▲LL and M‡яc▲ll▲, was released as free download on Bandcamp. The follow up remix album “Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ Remixed”, featuring many of the great names in the genre, was released in early November 2012, also as free download.

During 2012 V▲LH▲LL has also released two standalone download singles called “Ægir & Draug” and “†FIR3” (featuring the vocals of Washington D.C. MC ZєєkS).
The success of the singles and “Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ” (and the following remix album) gave V▲LH▲LL spots on several best-of-2012 lists and has plowed the way for interesting new collaborations and releases.

After playing concerts at Kuudes Aisti Festival and Summer Darkness during 2013, releasing another split-album with M‡яc▲ll▲ on Phantasma Disques, dropping more self-released digital material and selling out the limited CDR "R▲VENS & GH0STS" V▲LH▲LL got picked up by Artoffact Records and will be releasing their debut album "Leaning On Shadows" in November 2014. This album will come in a limited edition version (50 copies) with the CD album, a cassette entitled "Shadows" and a large logo textile patch.

(http://www.sonic-seducer.de/index.php/1417-vorgestellt-witch-house-act-v-lh-ll-mit-albumstream-und-verlosung.html) Aus Stockholm kommt ein interessantes, relativ neues Projekt, das augenscheinlich dem konstant wachsenden musikalischen Zweig namens Witch House zugeordnet werden darf: V▲LH▲LL. Ähnlich wie bei den Genre- und Label-Kollegen ∆AIMON gestaltet sich der Sound des Duos, dessen Identitäten geheim sind, extrem atmosphärisch und nie den Midtempo-Bereich überschreitend. Mit weiteren Elementen aus Neofolk und Industrial spinnen V▲LH▲LL epische, so unheimliche wie schöne Songs.