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Christine Plays Viola (I)


Christine Plays Viola is an Italian band that blends Goth Rock, Darkwave and Post Punk in a convincing way. The band was formed in Pratola Peligna (Italy) in 2008 as a brainchild of three boys. After a very few minor changes of band members in the beginning, today they complete each other pretty well as a highly motivated foursome. Since the very beginning their music has offered a melancholic, multi-layered and evocative sound which keeps up the good old tradition of bands like The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim or even Joy Division.

Christine Plays Viola started to play at festivals and were well received by critics as well as from their audience. After being part of several compilations, in March 2008 the band recorded their first self-produced EP “It’ll Be Cold This Winter” and they played more live gigs. In July 2009 they won the X edition of the competition Popolisound at Popoli (PE, Italy). Meanwhile their sound was becoming a bit more dynamic but it still has its blue aura. They also provided songs for the soundtrack of short films by Loreto Valente in 2009 and again in early 2010, when Christine Plays Viola recorded the demo EP “Useless To See Beyond”.

In the spring of 2010 the boys won the prestigious contest ‘Italy Wave Love Festival’ as regional winners and a little later they also won the ‘Orquestra 6 Alternative Contest’, by far the best contest of national independent music in Italy. This victory allowed the band to participate in the November 2010 edition of M.E.I. (Independent Labels Meeting) in Faenza. During this time, the four guys collected new ideas and kept in mind to focus on consolidating their sounds’ dark and atmospheric mood when they started to compose new songs for their first full length album.

Since then the band has had a lot of stage appearances all over Europe, together with numerous bands, such as Ulterior, ChameleonsVox, Vendemmian, The Last Cry, Rhombus, Aeon Sable, The Spiritual Bat, Berlin Black and others, getting more and more attention with their impressive live shows, based on Fabrizio’s virtuosic guitar play, Massimo’s stunning voice, Daniele’s incredible drumming and Desio’s perfected bass playing.

In 2012, as well as in 2013, the band released two limited “Promo” EPs, that sold out quickly and since August Christine Plays Viola have been working on their second studio album, which will be released in the beginning of 2014.

Christine Plays Viola also just got a confirmation for the ALT Fest in Boughton / Kettering, 2014, to play next to bands such as Fields Of The Nephilim, Alien Sex Fiend, Killing Joke, The Eden House and many more in August.

(http://christine-plays-viola.labellos.de/) Irgendwo zwischen Darkwave und Gothrock bewegt sich die Musik der italienischen Band Christine Plays Viola, die 2008 in Pratola Peligna gegründet wurde. Seitdem gewannen Christian, Fabrizio, Daniele und Desio mit ihrem melancholisch-bewegenden und abwechslungsreichen Sound nicht nur zahlreiche Fans für sich, sondern spielten auch auf einigen Festivals und erhielten sehr positives Feedback von den Kritikern.

Nachdem Christine Plays Viola einige Tracks für verschiedene Compilations beisteuerten, erschien im März 2008 ihre erste in Eigenregie produzierte EP "It'll Be Cold This Winter".

Mit Unterstützung eines deutschen Plattenlabels veröffentlichte die Band im Sommer 2011 schließlich ihr erstes Album "Innocent Awareness".