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Darkhaus (D / USA)


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In November 2013, the intercontinental modern rock outfit known as DARKHAUS introduced their revolutionary fusion of alternative riffs, signature electronic elements and haunting melodies to the welcoming masses. This unique group of 5 individuals from 4 representative countries was brought together via a collective passion and desire to create something new and inspiring without conforming to the usual genre clichés.

Their critically acclaimed debut album "My Only Shelter" was supported by an abundance of high-energy concerts which left audiences enthusiastically convinced of their ability to not only entertain, but to accurately represent and deliver to them their diverse collection of demanding arrangements from the stage.

In contrast to their first album (written in sunny Florida), the new songs which are featured on their sophomore effort "Providence" were composed while on tour. The difference can be heard, as the latter is much harder and edgier - the quintessence of sweaty concerts, long drives, and time spent with their devoted legion of fans. These new songs don't get lost in distant fantasy worlds, as they are a focused reflection of an unvarnished and tangible life, complete with real and sometimes painful emotions (i.e. "Side Effect Of Love") which compel the inner spirit to bounce back from defeat (i.e. "The Fire Within" ).

Why an EP? "The tracks on Providence emerged in the wake of the flood of ideas which were conceived from the energy derived from our tours. We wanted to let our creative rivers flow at a high tide of inspiration, and to be able to give something of quality to our fans until we have another full length album to offer them." Says singer Ken Hanlon.

DARKHAUS is an unusual constellation. This promising conglomerate is the brainchild of songwriter / guitarist Rupert Keplinger (whom is also known for his work with chart-topping artists such as Eisbrecher, Peter Maffay, Laith Al Deen, Der-W, etc.) and NYHC veteran / bassist Gary Meskil (voice and founder of PRO-PAIN). They are joined by the charismatic voice of Scotsman Ken Hanlon, rhythm guitarist Marshall Stephens (also from PRO-PAIN) and Paul Keller (drums).

The "Providence" EP marks the second chapter of DARKHAUS: A powerful and timely implementation of modern rock music, composed and written precisely to the point.

Darkhaus (Eigenschreibweise DARKHAUS) ist eine international besetzte Dark-Rock-Band deren Mitglieder aus Schottland, USA, Österreich und Deutschland stammen. Als Heimatstadt gibt die Band Livingston in Schottland an.


Gegründet wurde Darkhaus im Jahre 2011 von Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain), und Rupert Keplinger (Eisbrecher), der u.a. für Peter Maffay (Tabaluga), Oomph!, Stephan Weidner und Laith al Deen tätig war. Meskil brachte von Pro-Pain den Gitarristen Marshall Stephens mit in die Band, Schlagzeuger Paul Keller und der in Florida lebende schottische Sänger Ken Hanlon komplettieren Darkhaus. Im März 2013 schloss die Band einen weltweit gültigen Vertrag mit SPV ab.

Ende 2013 bis zur Mitte 2014 tourte Darkhaus als Support-Band von Unzucht, Subway To Sally und Eisbrecher. Zuvor wurde das Debütalbum My Only Shelter veröffentlicht, welches der Band während dieser Touren erste Erfolge bescherte. Am 10. August 2014 trat Darkhaus auf dem M’era Luna Festival auf. Nach wenigen ersten Konzerten als Headliner im Jahr 2014, folgte 2015 die erste eigene Tour, benannt nach der am 27. März 2015 erschienenen EP Providence. In verschiedenen Print- und Online-Musikmagazinen wurde Darkhaus 2013 und 2014 als Top-Newcomer und Newcomer des Jahres geadelt.