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Musk Ox (CDN)


(myspace) Musk Ox is a Canadian Neofolk project formed by Nathanaël Larochette, blending Neofolk’s lush acoustic textures with the expansiveness of Post Rock, the intricate arrangements of Progressive Rock, and the emotional weight of Metal. Born out of a love for nature’s commanding beauty, and the captivating resonance of the nylon string guitar, Musk Ox is quickly establishing itself as one of the brightest prospects in the Neofolk genre, with a debut full-length and three self-recorded demos already to its name.

In 2008 the band welcomed Rosalind Mccanny and Angela Shleihauf (cello and oboe respectively) which lead to the first proper performances of Musk Ox material, culminating in a performance at the esteemed Opera House in Toronto. Following the departure of both members, the band welcomed Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Michelle Pinard (violin) who are currently active members of Musk Ox, performing live while also contributing material and inspiration for the next official release.

Expressing the essence of Canada’s vast, magnificent landscapes through sound, Musk Ox is a forlorn journey through natural realms where darkness and light, substance and void, sorrow and joy, exist as a single entity.