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Neuroticfish is the electronic music project of Sascha Mario Klein (Keys, Vocals) and Henning Verlage (Keys, Production). Originally founded as alter ego of Sascha Mario Klein in the early 1990s, Neuroticfish experiments with elements of Synth-Pop, Industrial and EBM to create their own blend of electronic music: „Music For A Paranormal Life“, a musical concept that observes life beyond normality.

Inspired and influenced by the sound of Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode this concept analyses neurosises, paranoias and emotional dependencies and their effects and distills it into a clear and emotional vocal performance with naive pop melodies over harsh and technoid beats.

„The songs are about these inner monologues in which you confront a person, telling him exactly what you think of him. Then having done so, one leaves the battlefield, head up high in putative triumph. Or these perfect, razorsharp retorts full of venom, wit and intelligence which one has never uttered in reality. Unfortunately, also the remorse one feels over verbalized emotions which have have better remained unsaid.“

With songs like „Skin“, „Velocity“, „M.F.A.P.L.“ and „The Bomb“ Neuroticfish have taken the alternative dance floors by storm and for more than a decade their songs are played in clubs worldwide.

At the 2008 Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig Neuroticfish announced the closing of this project to take a break and recalibrate their artistic focus.

In 2012 the slogan „A sign of life?“ was found on their homepage neuroticfish.com and soon rumours went viral about the reunion of the project. In June 2012 the official Neuroticfish Facebook page confirmed the reunion stating that they are back in the studio and working on new songs.

On March 22nd 2013 the highly anticipated first „Sign of life“ took place as a life performance at the Matrix Bochum, Germany. The promotional „Limited Behaviour EP“ was released alongside and featured 3 new songs and a remix of „I don’t need the city“. A week later the next sign of life took place at the Resistanz Festival in Sheffield and again proved that Neuroticfish are back and here to stay.

Neuroticfish ist ein deutsches Future-Pop-Projekt von Sascha Mario Klein (Musik und Stimme).


Das Projekt wurde in den frühen 1990er Jahren ins Leben gerufen. Die musikalischen Vorbilder waren Gruppen wie Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails und Depeche Mode.

1999 erschien ein erster Tonträger. Ab 2002 war Neuroticfish beim Label Strange Ways unter Vertrag.

2005 wurde Henning Verlage festes Bandmitglied, nachdem er Klein seit 2001 als Live-Keyboarder, Co-Produzent und Remixer zur Seite gestanden hatte.

Nach einem letzten gemeinsamen Auftritt am 11. Mai 2008 auf dem Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig wurde das Projekt aufgelöst.

Am 20. Juli 2012 kündigte Klein auf der offiziellen Neuroticfish-Seite an, dass die Arbeiten an einem neuen Album begonnen haben.

Am 22. März 2013 gaben Neuroticfish in der Matrix in Bochum, Germany, mit ihrem "Sign of life" Konzert ihr lange erwartetes Comeback. Zu Promotionzwecken wurde die "Limited Behaviour EP" in einer Stückzahl von 100 Stück aufgelegt. Sie beinhaltet drei neue Stücke und einen Remix von "I don't need the city".

Am 27. März 2015 erschien das vierte Studio-Album "A Sign Of Life" auf ihrem eigenen Label NOR (Non Ordinary Records).