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Siechtum (D)


Legends, luminaries, pioneers... the inflationary use of terms like these has long since obliterated their meaning. Today, any given newcomer is nothing but an immortal star, any mediocre signing of a major label tomorrow's icon. Superficiality and our fast-paced lifestyle have undermined true integrity; real art has been replaced by meaningless rubbish. High time to focus on what really counts and to direct our attention on those who have deserved it.
The beginning of the new millennium. Future Pop and Dark Electro rule the Gothic clubs. The underground is in the hands of the Noise fanatics, while elite circles bow to true Industrial by labels like Ant-Zen or Hands. Enter SIECHTUM. And everything changes. The rhythmic thrust of Thomas Rainer's (NACHTMAHR, L’ÂME IMMORTELLE) and Joachim Sobczak's (SCHATTENSCHLAG) Industrial Electro outfit effortlessly establishes a close tie between these worlds by uniting the common taste with the progressive underground's aesthetics. Years before acts like COMBICHRIST began discovering this sound and bombing the clubs with a merciless mixture of Techno, Industrial and TBM, it is this German/Austrian duo spearheading this movement.

Lange bevor Thomas Reiner mit L'ame Immortelle bekannt wurde, veröffentlichte er schon Musik unter dem Namen Siechtum. So ist Siechtum ein Instrument für Thomas Reiner, um seine Meinungen und Ansichten, die er in einem Bandkontext nicht unterbringen kann, kundzutun. Der Sound ist größtenteils härter als bei L'ame Immortelle, aber doch meist tanzbar. Ambient/ Ritual, Industrial, Techno und Electro, das alles findet man bei Siechtum.