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The Deadfly Ensemble (USA)


"Mother, I am hungry for some musical theater! I long for acoustic guitars, medieval melodies and operatic librettos! I would hear stories of the idle rich, humanoid anomalies, and criminal geniuses of the early nineteenth century! I need to observe the melodious consumption of fruit and the sifting through of old newspapers and listen to the prattle of simple minds and the banter of their superiors! I crave songs that deliver me into new worlds from far away, from long ago, and introduce me to characters I'd be, otherwise, afraid to know! Mother, I am hungry for some theatrical music!"

"My dear! What you want is the Deadfly Ensemble!"

The Deadfly Ensemble ist das Sideprojekt des Cinema Strange-Frontmanns Lucas Lanthier. Auf dem im Juni erschienen Album „Entire Wardrobe Of Doubt And Uncertainty“ entpuppt sich das Ganze als eine Mischung aus Stummfilmmusik der 30er und dem theatralischen Batcave, den man auch schon von Cinema Strange kennt.