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Machinista (S)


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Swedish electronic-pop band from Sweden

In december 2012 John and Richard decided to try out a new fresh project beside their other bands.
The first result was a cover of David Bowie´s "Heroes", and the band also did a video for the song.
The feedback was awesome from start and the band decided to move along with own written songs.

The song "Molecules and carbon" followed the same procedure with a video and also
a soundcloud account was added to let more people access to the music.
Once again the feedback was really good and the band started to have followers on facebook/Soundcloud etc.

Also magazines like Sonic Seducer, Sideline, Peek-a-Boo, Elektroskull etc. started to encourage the band.
The same with radio stations, like Nebelwelten (Germany), and Synthopia (Australia) etc.

The band has also appeared on several compilation albums as well as remixing other bands.
All releases/remixes etc:

The autumn of 2013 the band signed with the english label Juggernaut Media Group.
The EP "Arizona Lights" was released 7:th march and did receive great reviews.

The debut album Xenoglossy was released 20 may 2014.
The feedback was really good and Machinista recived great reviews and in many magazines
best album/best newcomer 2014.

On the live-scene Machinista started to play a lot more in Sweden as well as abroad.
For examle England, Italy, norway.
The band shared festivals along with bands like Front 242, In Strict Confidence, Legend, Apoptygma Berzerk etc.

2015 Machinista allready have a lot of gigs coming up.
A mini-tour in germany is taking shape and the work on album number 2 is on the final touch.

Mit dem Song und Video Molecules And Carbon stellt das neue Projekt Machinista frisches Material vor. Fans von Synthie- und Electropop bekommen neues Futter von den
Schweden, satt in der Melodie, vital im Gesang und musikalisch gut abgemischt. Clip ab.

Machinista – Molecules And Carbon

Erst neulich wurden Machinista im Rahmen des Cat Rapes Dog Comebacks erwähnt.

Hinter Machinista verbergen sich gestandene Musiker: John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog, A Life Lived, Basswood Dollies etc.) produziert zusammen mit Richard Flow (Vision Talk, Haze For Sale etc.) melodische und elektronisch-poppige Songs.

Nach der Interpretation des Bowie-Klassikers Heroes liegt mit Molecules And Carbon ein brandneuer Clip vor, der musikalisch Fans des typisch schwedischen Synthie- und Electropops ansprechen sollte.