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Oniric (I)


(facebook) Oniric is a duo project born in 2005, formed by Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro).

Their first artistic meet brought quickly to the natural recording of "Suggestioni" (2006), a 4 tracks EP result of ethereal and dreaming inspiration, merging Carlo's sad chords and blurred dark sound with melodies and sonorous elucubrations from GianVigo: soon, the nostalgic and intimate vein, came out from the first works.

In the same year they meet Simona Giusti that took part to the 'Destroy Paranoia' recording session (single): the presence of Simona will be a costant during the various live shows ('cause of her support in playing various instrument and singing) and for the next Oniric's works. During 2007 year, another single came out 'Blessing' and a very intense live shows activity begun. At the start of 2008, the duo released 'Boulevard Cin`ma', a tribute to the world of cinema, summarized in a 4 tracks EP. Recently, Oniric signed for the Caustic Records label and their first full lenght will be out in September 2009.