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Argyle Goolsby & The Roving Midnight (USA)


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Having toured 29 countries, played over 700 shows and appeared on over 200+ songs and 16 albums over the past 2 decades, the co founder of the horrorpunk troubadours Blitzkid returns to conjure up the curtain on some new music. In a burnt black cauldron feverishly boiling the fetid bones of horrorpunk, deathrock and darkwave sensibilities, the music is rolled evenly between the melancholic and driving, the somber and the vigorous with equal parts broken nose and broken heart. The songs and the energy they bring to stage consistently reflect the passion and commitment of the potentially damned soul stirring them.

Argyle is currently entering the studio to record a catalog of soon to be anthemic songs that will comprise his next album. Without question he will continue to caravan his infectious brand of melodic musings across the continents with his touring live band, THE ROVING MIDNIGHT.


Mehr als 700 Shows von Moskau bis Sao Paulo, und mehr als 16 Studioalben, davon die Meisten mit seiner früheren Band BLITZKID haben ARGYLE GOOLSBY nicht müde werden lassen. Ganz im Gegenteil1 seit 2012 ist der Musiker mit seinem Soloprojekt unterwegs. Brodelnder Punk Rock mit einer Prise Deathrock gibt es auch auf der aktuellen Tour [...]