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Hearts of Black Science (S)



Hearts of Black Science is a Swedish musical duo from Gothenburg, known for creating “dark, brooding synthpop mixed with shoegaze, goth and new wave pop”. The genre of their music has also been referred to as post-rock and electronica. The band says their focus is on “melodies” and “dark lyrics”; their name comes from the idea of alchemy creating gold from available materials, or in their case, music from diverse styles.


Hearts of Black Science was formed in November 2005 by two childhood friends: Daniel Änghede (also vocalist in UK supergroup Crippled Black Phoenix) and Tomas Almgren (ex-horror movie director). In April 2006, the band released a self-financed EP with a limited run of 200 copies that sold out within just 2 months; a second EP was released the following month.

The band was signed shortly after the A&R scout from Club AC30 saw them performing their second gig ever at the Water Rats Theatre in London.[citation needed] The debut album The Ghost You Left Behind was released by the London-based label in the spring of 2007. It was also released in Japan as a special edition by Quince Records. The full-length album was accompanied by two singles: Empty City Lights and Driverlights. Änghede left the band for a period while Almgren continued writing; he created the demos that together they made into their next album, The Star In The Lake, released on Swedish label Wonderland Records in 2009.

Hearts of Black Science have toured in the U.K.; BBC radio invited the duo twice to perform live on air on the Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson shows. Their first two albums have been praised by both international press and their fans: Sweden's Zero Music Magazine gave the debut 9 / 10 and the follow up 8 / 10; U.S.-based Virus Magazine gave it 8 / 10.

In 2013, the band released an EP named We Saw the Moon and also a digital album called B-Sides & Remixes collecting their B-sides and hard to find remixes along with several unreleased tracks.

After several delays, the band released their third full-length album, Signal, on November 20, 2015 through Swedish label Progress Productions. The new album includes guest appearances by Chrysta Bell, Justin Greaves (of Crippled Black Phoenix), and Heike Langhans (of Draconian).


Der brandneue Longplayer des schwedischen Dark-Pop-Duos HEARTS OF BLACK SCIENCE präsentiert einen atmosphärischen Mix aus Synth- / Wave-Pop, Electronica, und Shoegaze.

Bereits mit seinem 2007 erschienenen Albumdebüt “The Ghost You Left Behind”, das auf dem britischen Label CLUB AC30 erschien, spielte sich das aus dem schwedischen Göteburg stammende Duo HEARTS OF BLACK SCIENCE in die Pole-Positionen der internationalen Indieszene. Seitdem erschienen von Sänger und Gitarrist DANIEL ÄNGHEDE (der zudem in der britischen Band CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX aktiv ist) und Keyboarder TOMAS ALMGREN neben diversen Singles und EPs noch zwei weitere Longplayer („The Star In the Lake” / 2009, „B-Sides & Remixes” / 2013). Darüber hinaus waren die Musiker bereits zweimal bei der britischen BBC zu Gast (GIDEON COE, TOM ROBINSON). Auf ihrem nun verliegenden (ersten) Longplayer „Signal” für das schwedische Qualitätslabel PROGRESS präsentiert das Duo einen dunkel brodelnden zu und dem höchst hitverdächtigen Mix aus Synth- / Wave-Pop, Electronica und Shoegaze. Musikalische Unterstützung bekam das Duo dabei von Sängerin HEIKE LANGHANS von der schwedischen Gothic-Metal-Band DRACONIAN, der amerikanischen Sängerin CHRYSTA BELL („Unfolding”) sowie JUSTIN GREAVES von CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX. Die CD-Version (11 Songs) bietet die beiden Extratracks „Falling Away” und „Signal”.