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Eden (AUS)


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Eden founding members Sean Bowley and Pieter Bourke began a song writing partnership in Melbourne, Australia in 1988. Eden’s initial 12 inch EP ‘The Light Between Worlds’ was released in 1990 on Nightshift records, Scotland. The EP caught the attention of BBC Radio’s John Peel who featured tracks on his show, resulting in rapid support of Eden by The Alternative Press Magazine in the USA. In 1991 Eden moved to London based label Third Mind who continued to grow the band’s profile in Europe and the USA through release of Eden’s first full length CD ‘Gateway to the Mysteries’ in 1992. The album was described by the music press as sounding akin to ‘the Cocteau Twins had they existed in the 1890s‘. In 1993 Eden joined the roster of Projekt Records, releasing ‘Healingbow’ (1993) and ‘Fire and Rain’ (1995). The same year Eden released a CD of remixes and rarities titled ‘Earthbound’. The ‘Stone Cat’ mini-album was released in 1997.

In live performance Eden have shared the stage in Australia and overseas with Love Spirals Downward, Lycia, Rowland S. Howard, These Immortal Souls, Underground Lovers, Attrition, Heligoland, Ostia and countless others. Eden undertook a promotional visit to the UK (1990) and an extensive tour of live dates in the USA (1996). In June 2017 Eden tour Germany, joining The Mission, Skinny Puppy and And She Past Away performing at Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival in Leipzig. Eden is currently recording a new LP to be released at the Festival.

Eden’s sonic palette crosses a range of genres inclusive of the spaciousness of dreampop, the guitar glissando of shoegaze, the eastern tinged aspect of neo-psychedelia and the haunted guise of the Troubadour.