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Virgin in Veil (FIN)


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Created in January 2015 by Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, ex-Sleeping Children), Virgin in Veil is a deathrock band from Helsinki, Finland.

Virgin in Veil released its first demo two months after the band came to life and started playing gigs in Finland as well as in nearby countries. A few months later, the band published an 4-songs e.p. titled “The Glory Hole”. Initially self-released on CD and quickly out of print, a 7″ vinyl version of the record was subsequently released by Finnish label Fairy Dust Records in May 2016.

After countless gigs in Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico, the four musicians were offered a record deal by Danse Macabre Records. “Deviances”, the band’s debut album, was released by the label in October 2016.

Virgin in Veil’s mix of catchy decadent melodies and fast beats – as well at its members debauched behavior on and outside of the stage – have granted the band to be acknowledged as one of the most interesting newcomers in the contemporary deathrock scene.


VIRGIN IN VEIL sind eine neue Deathrock-Band aus der finnischen Hauptstadt Helsinki. Sie spielen eine perfekte Mischung aus Deathrock und frühem Goth-Sound inkl. Keyboard und wunderbar flirrenden Gitarren. Die Debüt 7" hat als Thema "Sex", daher auch der Titel dieser 7" Single, "The Glory Hole". Mit dabei sind u.a. Leute von MASQUERADE und der frz. Punkband SECULAR PLAGUE. Empfehlung!