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Gothic/Industrial/Dark Wave

Following tours with The Cult, New Order, and the Smiths as Drummer with Factory Records band Lavolta Lakota Mike Simmi left to form BFG in Summer 1985. Joined by BJ Williams on vocals , Keith Lambert on Bass , Acky On Guitar and El Thomas on Samples. BFG began to make a name for themselves Basing the BFG sound around a thumping bass line and screaming guitars. BFG were then joined by ex Chameleon's member Andy Clegg. On hearing the early demos , Joy Division and New Order bassist Pete Hook invited the band to support New Order On their Summer 1986 Tour. This tour coincided with BFG's first release The 12" single "Paris"c/w "Amelia". The limited edition sold out within 1st week of release and was quickly hailed as a "goth" classic BFG's first Headlining show in home town Manchester was with the Stone Roses as support and even at this early stage were being compared with Joy Division for the intensity of their live performance. Also the band were starting to gain the reputation of being seen as "difficult" as far as the press were concerned. During the late 80's the Band completed very few interviews and even today still refuse to play by the media's rules. The line up changed for the next 2 E.P.s with Steve Craig Replacing B.J. Williams and Paul Batheram replacing Acky on Guitar. Western Sky E.P. and Higher Than Heaven........is was recorded with the new line up with Mick Mercer from Melody Maker stating " The Greatest Indie Single Of The Year Is BFG's Higher Than Heaven" The Album Fathoms was released in 1988 At this time BFG were also joined by Utah Saints "third member" Guy Hatton. Following the release of Fathoms BFG gaining a fanatical following in Germany and West Coast America. At this time BFG were joining by Utah Saints producer Guy Hatton.This culminated in BFG playing at the Loreley Stadium , on the Banks of The River Rhine, in front of 15,000 German fans, the only time that BFG were "officially" caught on Video .............well worth tracking down if you can. The Original BFG line up reformed in 1989 and recorded what many feel was the definitive BFG album. Blue was released in 1990 and with its mixture of loops and driving guitars mixed with B.J. Williams vocals, always threatening to explode, it set the musical agenda that the like's of Rammstien have since followed. The Band Finally Called It A Day 1991...........UNTIL Last Year The Band Reformed And Have Started Recording A New Album Due For Release